Julie Mayfeng

Seoul-based photographer who has been working as a South Korea Correspondent for the Monocle Magazine, UK, since 2010. 
She has worked with Gamma Photo Agency in France and documented the Asia Contemporary Theatre Festival in Japan. She published the photo-essay book ‘Mediterranean in Blue’ in 2007. 
She has been traveling around the Third World countries such as India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Myanmar and Laos, etc. for the past 7 years and taking photographs filled with resonant imagery covering much more than meets the eye. 
She captures not only earth’s spirit, but also the human spirit. She is contributing a number of writings and photos to various media at home and abroad.



MONOCLE (London, UK) since 2010 project RYSE Hotel Autograph Collection, Arario Gallery, Workout / 
South Korea Special – Ananti Cove, Anthracite Coffee, Bienvenue Busan, Boksoondoga, Brusher, Choeunsook Gallery, Dongyoung Industries, Dongwon Gallery, F1963 by Kiswire, Hyundai Card Cooking Library, Inohjudan, JungSung Sikdang, Lee Kijo, Leeahn Gallery, London Tailoring, Market Kurly, Matin Coffee Roasters, Pesi, Queenmama Market, Seoulbund, Soomooc, SWNA, This Is Nine, Your Mind / Seoullo 7017 / Arumjigi Culture Keepers Foundation / Korean Air A380
 / EXPO 2012 YEOSU KOREA / Hankyoreh Newspaper
 / Assouline Korea / 
Seoul mayor Park Won-Soon / 
Hyundai Card Design Library / 
Dongdaemun Design Plaza
 / South Korean Unification Ministry
 / Mando Footloose / 
Grand Hyatt Seoul / 
Shinsegae International / Fouser’s Hanok / Boon The Shop
 / Villa del Corea / 
 / Oh Se Hoon Mayor of Seoul / 
Man on the Boon / 
aA Design Museum
 / Bukchon Hanok Village
 / Dal Hangari
 / Cram School Story
 / Mass Studies / 
Oval / 
 / San Francisco Market / Queenmama Market / Boon the shop Cheongdam / Parlour / Sartoria Napoletana Seoul / Sortie Seoul / Slow Steady Club / Platform Place / MSK / SEL Interior Design / 
Platoon Kunsthalle / 
Allo Paper Garden
 / Talk Service / 
Art and Dream
 / KKDC / 
 / Purple Records
 / DFSB Kollective / 
Drunken Tiger & Yoonmirae
 / EE (Yun Joung Lee & Hyun Joon Lee)
 / DJ Soulscape / 
Rak Ko Jae
 / Ongofood Jia Choi / 
Le Gout des Autres / 
 / Monocle Weekly Radio at TBS, Seoul
 – Tyler Brûlé
, Hugo Macdonald, Burnie Cho (President, DFSB Kollective), Jae Chong (Producer and Musician),
 Kyung-won Chung (Deputy Mayor of Seoul)
, Jong Kun Choi (Professor)


Women Behind the Lens 2018 – Guardian News and Media Gallery (London, UK) 2018
Asia-in – Asia Culture Center (Gwangju, Korea) 2018
SIGMA Exhibition – UCCA Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing, CHINA) 2017
Quattro Exhibition – Luft (Seoul, KOREA) 2017
Kyotographie 2017 – Sfera (Kyoto, JAPAN) 2017
CP+ 2015 – Pacifico Yokohama (Yokohama, JAPAN) 2015
The Beautiful Days – Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul Arts Center (Seoul, KOREA) 2012
The face of 100 korean artists – Museum Face (Gwangju, KOREA) 2009


Picfair’s Best of 2018 (December, 2018)
Asia Culture International Photo Contest – 2nd Prize (December, 2018)
Women Behind the Lens 2018 by Picfair – Shortlist (October, 2018)
National Geographic selected for 2017 Best ‘Photo of the Day’ (December, 2017)
National Geographic selected for 34 of Your Most Awe-Inspiring Photos from Around the World (April, 2017)
National Geographic Photo of the Day (Jan 08, 2017)
National Geographic Selected for “Photo of the Day” story (Dec, 2016)
National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 – Grand Prize
The Everyman Photo Contest 2007 – Honorable Mention


MEDITERRANEAN IN BLUE (color & b/w pictures with texts, positive thinking, 2007)
A KOREAN KITCHEN COMPANION (Seoul Selection, 2014)


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